Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Emma and her mommy made a kitty pumpkin and a chicken pumpkin, Emma's choices!
Keaton carved a Pumpkin Pi. Yes, he's a math major. I thought it was quite clever!
My male Shih Tzus, Indy and Wylie, would never let me put costumes on them. Tiffany, however, doesn't know any better yet~so I dressed her as a little ladybug!
Emma was a pink poodle named Fifi!
Brittany and Emma
Fifi and Tiffany
Emma trick-or-treating at our house.
Giffy and Papa gave Emma a special treat bag~a kokeshi doll for her collection (thanks, Christy!) and a boatload of candy!
Keaton, Emma, Brittany, and Brennan
Emma in Mommy's kitty costume.


Lori said...

Aww. How sweet. Love the Pumpkin PI. I guess there are no calories in that "Pie". lol.

Christy Lynn said...

Totally adorable! Of course, Emma is always adorable :)