Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Left My Heart in San Francisco...

We were quite excited to have a few hours to spend in San Francisco. I hadn't been to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park for 24 years, and I really had my heart set on going there. I wasn't disappointed! It is still as beautiful as I had remembered. We sat and enjoyed some green tea and green tea cookies in the Tea House. Here are a few shots of the garden.
I love this photo because of the reflections in the water.
This one, of course, is my favorite.
Then we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge. Check out how clear the view was at sunset!
Next, we drove up to Fort Miley. The view was spectacular!
While we were at the Japanese Tea Garden, I actually found a few kokeshi dolls! I just had to get one for Emma and one for myself. Of course, the ones that my sweet friend, Christy, sends me from Japan are just as pretty and cost much less~but I just had to choose Emma's first doll! Here's the one I got for Emma. She loves her ponytails!
Here's mine.
Here's Emma being silly.
And here's Emma imitating my doll's face!
What a fun trip! I can't wait to go back and see my baby again.


Lori said...

Great pictures. Love the picture of Emma imitating the dolls face.

arlene said...

Your pictures are gorgeous. Seems like you're really getting the hang of your new camera.

Christy Lynn said...

Fabulous pictures, Vicki! Yay for you finding kokeshi dolls in the States :) That one you got Emma is similar to one I just sent you today so she'll have Twinkie dolls.