Monday, October 26, 2009

Autumn in Bolton, MA~Part 1

The town of Bolton, MA, is fairly small, home to approximately 5,000 people. It is primarily an apple orchard town, with quite a few produce farms and horse ranches thrown into the mix. We have a small country grocery store, two pizza places, a dry cleaners, a florist, and a few small chruches. That's it. And yes, main street is actually a two-lane road called Main Street. Here are a few snapshots of this picturesque "country" town.

This is the lake at Camp Resolute, a Boy Scout Camp. Yes, I live where all of the city kids go to "get away from it all." LOL
This is our Town Hall.
Here's one of the churches.
This is our police station.
Here's an apple orchard/fresh produce store.
The Post Office.
Our small, country doctor's office.
This is the original elementary school, which now serves as the district office.
This is a small park near the old elementary school.
This is the entrance to our K-8 school.
Here's the high school. Check out the view from the parking lot!
Every town out here has at least one old graveyard. And by old I mean graves that are 300 years old! Rick's theory is that the graveyards boast the most beautiful autumn colors because of all of the natural fertilizer. Sounds strange, I know~but it's true!
Here are a few shots from along Main Street.
Tomorrow I'll post some beautiful pictures of the "back roads" of Bolton~such beautiful scenery!

Happy Monday!


pat said...

WOW!! what Beauty!! thanks for sharing.

Lori said...

Your pictures are so beautiful. Wish I were still there. I'm missing you all.

arlene said...

These pictures are beautiful. I think we've actually been to that apple orchard. Every year when Al & I go apple picking we head out that way.

Christy Croll said...

I have been to Bolton multiple times and have never seen those places. :) Thanks for sharing. :)