Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Visiting Friends in CA

We were able to meet up with some dear friends in CA. First, we saw the Stark's We met at church 17 years ago and have been friends ever since! Our daughters, Brittany and Holly, have been friends all of these years, too. In fact, Brittany and Holly used to play "teacher" when they were little, and they both became teachers! Here we are with Lesly and Steve.
Here are Brittany and Emma with Holly.
Here were are with Karen and Bob Cyffka. I have been friends with Karen since we were three years old! I met Rick and Bob in the 9th grade. Karen and Bob got married two years after we did.
This was taken in the backyard of Mark and Cheri Ranieri. (Mark is quite the gardener!) I met Mark in the 7th grade, and we have been buds ever since! He and Cheri got married a few months after we did. Our daughters, Brittany and Audrey, have been friends their entire lives.
I also met up with some high school girlfriends, none of whom I had seen for 19 years! Unfortunately, I was the only one with a camera, and the pictures turned out blurry. The good news is that I was so bummed about all of the horrible indoor photos that we took on our trip that Rick bought me a new camera for my birthday.

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