Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Last weekend, I celebrated my 47th birthday! Rick and I went to Boston for the weekend. As part of my Christmas gift, he got me 2 Monster tickets at Fenway! These seats are on top of the Green Monster, aka the left field wall. It is famous for being the landing spot for home run balls. These tickets also let us gain early entrance to the park to watch batting practice. For a Red Sox nut like me, this was the perfect gift! (Thanks, Rick!) Here's the spectacular view from our seats. (The flags were flying at half-mast in honor of Senator Ted Kennedy.)
Thirty minutes into the game, the sky became ominous. But being the die hard fan that I am, I wanted to sit through the pouring rain! Rick was such a good sport and sat with me. Yes, we were soaked, but we weren't about to abandon our awesome seats just because of a little rain! (Okay, a lot of rain. Inches of it!)
This photo turned out blurry, but this is how we tried to stay dry.
As we returned to our hotel, we discovered that the Westin Copley across the street was shut down and surrounded by police and secret service officers. Turns out that President Obama and his family were staying there in preparation for Senator Kennedy's funeral the next morning.

We spent the next two days shopping for new clothes! We have both lost significant amounts of weight and basically need new wardrobes. Darn! Then we met the kids for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Yum!

Rick gave me a new camera. I am thrilled! I was frustrated with my small point-and-shoot camera. Any photo in low light turned out blurry, which made it useless for indoor photos. I love my new camera! Look at how light these indoor photos are!
Brennan and Keaton gave me a certificate for a hot rock massage, my fave! (It was my first birthday without Keaton. He just moved to CA for school. He called a few times, though.)
You know how much I love kokeshi dolls! Well, Miss Emma loves them, too. She plays with mine every day. I also like daisies and ladybugs since that is what I made for Emma's room. When Brittany asked Emma what she wanted to give me for my birthday, Emma answered, "A ladybug kokeshi doll." Of course, Brittany couldn't find one. So being the creative soul that she is, she made one! The little "ladybug" doll is Emma, and the larger one is Brittany. How sweet is this? I love them! Brittany made the card, too~kokeshi doll stamps and my favorite color! Brittany is also taking me and Emma to an afternoon tea next Sunday. Can't wait!
Speaking of kokeshi sweet friend, Christy (she is responsible for my kokeshi craze!), sent me two dolls for my birthday! This photo doesn't do them justice. The small one has the prettiest shades of purple and the sweetest facial expression~as if nothing could please her more than to be dressed in purple! The contrast of the colors on the large doll is so striking. It has such cool textures and sparkle, too! And look at her face~she knows she's stylin'! Don't these dolls make you feel happy? Christy made the card. Stunning, huh? She also sent the ladybug kitchen timer. Now Emma wants to time everything!
My SIL, Lori, sent me this wonderful package! She is my co-dependent in the world of stamping and scrapbooking. LOL Can't wait to use this new Cricut cartridge! I've already torn into the paper~it's fabulous!
These dear friends also spoiled me big time: my SIL Kris (a Thomas Kinkade's Memories from Grandmother's Kitchen~so fun!), Kristy (Starbucks card~had a pumpkin spice latte today, so yummy!), Lesly (heart ankle bracelet, so me!), Robyn (pink purse scarf, so stylin'!), Mo (hand-made necklace, so pretty!), Hope (SU paper, so dazzling!), and calls from my mom and brothers (so sweet!) Thank you, family and girlfriends~I love you all!


Angie Williams said...

Happy late Birthday Vicki!! Sounds like you were definitely spoiled! You deserve it...

Chichiboulie said...

my goodness you were spoiled! but from what i know, i believe you deserved it. i don't have to say i hope you had a wonderful birthday as it seems you certainly did!

arlene said...

Glad you had fun on your Boston weekend and got to be spoiled rotten.

Nothing like a good Sox game evenif the weather doesn't allways cooperate. Al is going to the Sox game on Friday (guys night) I'm jealous. It's waaay more fun IRL than on TV.

Christy Croll said...

Well, happy birthday!!! :) Looks like tons of fun was had by all. You look gorgeous (now and in that picture of you with spiked hair LOL). What ya been doin' to lose weight??? Skating? :)

Christy Lynn said...

Yay!! Glad you got spoiled by everyone for your birthday, you deserve it!! And I got a package from YOU this week, thank you so much for the Tink shirt! And I had to laugh about you conspiring with my mom via Facebook, ha!! I've already started shopping for Emma fact I bought a doll for her before we left for the States because I didn't want to miss out on this one particular doll. :) I will be sending you a package for her fairly soon...just need to concentrate on writing a very long paper first :) Thanks again, Vicki!