Monday, August 31, 2009

Santa Monica Pier and Beach

We were able to sneak in a beach day while we were in CA. It was a bit overcast, but still warm. We all love the beach, especially Miss Emma!
Keaton and Emma
Emma digging for treasure.
Emma and Brittany~my beautiful girls!
Emma posing with her clam shell.
Rick and Keaton heading out to body surf. I think the both wished they could be sailing one of the boats in the background!
Brennan, Emma, and Brittany~Emma's first ferris wheel ride!
Papa splashing with Emma.
Two views from the Santa Monica Pier.
Brennan, Rick, Brittany, Keaton, and Emma.

1 comment:

arlene said...

Who doesn't love a day at the beach. Hopefully we'll have a few more left around here before it gets to cool.

Talk to you soon.