Sunday, July 19, 2009

Emma's Got Bling!

Emma has been asking for earrings for awhile. So Brittany and I took her to get her ears pierced on Saturday. Of course, Jack had to accompany her. She was so excited!
Emma chose tiny "diamond" (the faux variety) earrings. She cried for about 30 seconds afterwards~right up until the lady handed her the lollipop jar. LOL Check out how curly her hair is becoming!
Then the tears shut off and she was as happy as could be with Jack and her "wollipop."
Next, Emma ran straight to the puppy store, and all was well.We ended our afternoon with a stop at Starbucks. Emma said that she wants "princess earrings." I'm not sure if that means Disney character earrings or real diamonds. Papa could be in trouble. LOL


Chichiboulie said...

You're very brave. I keep telling my girls I got my ears pierced when I was 16 (although I was only 10) in hopes of putting it off as long as possible! She's very very cute!!

Sparkle said...

So darling! My mom had to buy me chocolate to get me to stop crying, lol.

Christy Lynn said...

Man, Emma was a real trooper with getting her ears done. Yay for her, she's even more adorable now...and we didn't even think it was possible ;)

Lori said...

She is all ready for Princess life...can even endure the pain that goes with beauty. I remember getting my ears pierced with a needle and ice cube.