Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baby Beluga...

I can still hear that Raffi song playing in my head! LOL All six of us went to Mystic Seaport, CT for July 4th weekend. Our first stop was the Mystic Aquarium, home of the only beluga whales in North America. Emma had so much fun playing with one at the tank window. This whale was hilarious! He would swim by nonchalantly, then bounce with his mouth opened wide at the kids. All of the kids screamed, except for Emma. She laughed hysterically! The whale did this five or six times. It was quite entertaining!
Emma was convinced that the whale was kissing her. He also kept blowing bubbles at her.
This is Emma demonstrating what the whale looked like when he kissed her. LOL
She loved the whale so much that Mommy bought her a little stuffed beluga whale. She named him Bubbles.
Emma loving on her Mommy.
Emma also liked the sea lions. Listen closely to the video: Emma thinks the seals are burping! LOL
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Lori said...

What sweet pictures. Baluga is just adorable and so is little Emma's Baluga impression.