Saturday, May 23, 2009


Dollywood, as in Japanese kokeshi dolls made from wood~not the Dolly Parton theme park! My sweet friend, Christy, lives on Okinawa. A few months ago, Christy surprised me with the gift of a kokeshi doll and keychain. Those girls needed friends! I sent her a "kokeshi slush fund," and asked her to be my personal shopper. Thankfully, kokeshi dolls are relatively inexpensive, so my fund went a long, long way! On Thursday, I received my second group of dolls. (Click here to see the first group.) I am so delighted with them! I told Christy that I can't pick a favorite! I took photos of them, but I'm having some camera/computer issues (sigh). Christy kindly let me use the photos she took of them before she mailed them. (Thanks, Christy!)

This was the first one I opened. The moon and the cranes are hand carved. In Japan, the crane is considered a national treasure. She is a beautiful cherry-wood red, which matches my office furniture. I love the tiny little details in the carvings, right down to the teeny tiny eyes on the cranes. Isn't she pretty? Her hair is exquisitely shiny! 
Next, I opened these precious ones. I asked Christy to buy a little girl with daisies if she ever came across one. Emma's room is decorated with daisies and ladybugs, so I wanted one that would always remind me of Emma. She found these at the same time, and couldn't decide between them~so she bought both. I love the bow and umbrella on the first one. She has painted daisies and even has red tones in her hair. And the expression on her face is so sweet! But I love the carved daisies and the white hair on the other one. I haven't seen many with white hair~it's very unique and very pretty. I am so glad she bought both of them. I wouldn't have been able to choose, either.
This one was next. She immediately took my breath away! She has maple leaves, which will always remind me of living in New England. Her leaves are painted but have a 3-D effect. The main color is a very pretty orange, so representative of the autumn colors. Christy, you and Lee need to come visit me some October so that you can see these leaves IRL!
Then I opened this one. She is gorgeous! Apparently purple is a color rarely used on kokeshi dolls. (So of course that has to be favorite color.) When you look closely at her flowers, they look like hydrangeas, which I love! Her hair is really pretty and hangs down her back. And get this: she's musical! She twirls around as the music plays. No wonder she has such a delighful look on her face~she's a dancing kokeshi doll! 
Finally, I opened the grandma and grandpa dolls, which I had also asked Christy to find for me. They are so cute, they make me giggle! The goatee on Grandpa is so apropos~it looks just like Rick's! Hey, I figure that we should celebrate our roles as grandparents. That means I needed these dolls! LOL 
Christy also sent along this beautiful card for me. Of course, all of her cards are beautiful, but this one gets to be mine. :)
So here are all of my kokeshi girls, hangin' out and havin' fun, especially when the musical one gets the party going! 
Now, I couldn't ask Christy to be my personal shopper without thanking her in a special way. She gave me my very first koskehi doll, and it will always remind me of her. So I asked her to choose one for herself as a gift from me. This is the one she chose. Isn't she pretty? I like her shape and her bobbed hair.
Christy, thank you for doing such a wonderful job shopping for me! I truly love them all! Did you notice that I moved my Red Sox stuff? That should tell you how much I love them! 


Christy Lynn said...

I've actually been to Dollywood :) Lee and I stopped there when we were driving from TX to NC to move there, we figured when else would we have the opportunity to go to Dollywood? Hehe! The dolls look great on your formerly Red Sox shelf! So glad that you loved them...I'm going to have to get myself those two little red daisy ones. I keep the yellow one from you in my craft room because she makes me happy!

I've seen one larger doll that has hydrangeas on her, but she's $60 by herself. Maybe one of these days I'll add her to my collection...I think most of my forthcoming paychecks are going to go to kokeshi dolls, stamps, and new work clothes! Hydrangeas are some of my favorite flowers, I had those in my wedding bouquet and I had a hydrangea plant in our backyard in NC. Need to get one for here though!

Chichiboulie said...

You are so lucky! I love those little dolls, but I don't own any myself. Maybe I should illustrate them instead?! :D I especially love the little girls and the grandparents. So sweet.

Lori said...

They are so adorable. Love the grandparent dolls. They are so cute.