Friday, April 17, 2009

Kokeshi Kraze!

About a month ago, I posted a photo of the Kokeshi doll and keychain that my sweet friend, Christy, sent me from Okinawa. Well, I decided that my dolls needed a circle of friends. I cleaned out some of my stamping supplies (I'll give you a minute to recover from that! LOL!) and sold some stamps that I don't use. I then sent the proceeds of that sale to Christy as my "Kokeshi slush fund." Believe me, I didn't have to beg her to go shopping for me. It's always fun to go shopping with someone else's money, isn't it? Well, she bought four more for me. They just arrived. I am absolutely delighted with them!

This is the one that I saw on Christy's blog in January, the one that made me fall in love with kokeshi dolls. As you might expect, she is purple! I have no idea what the sign says, but I like it. Aren't the colors fabulous? Her hair is really pretty. It hangs all the way down her back.
Christy liked this doll so much that she splurged and got one for herself. The flowers are carved, not painted. So pretty!
Christy wanted to get this one, too~but they only had one of them. Bless her heart, she got it for ME. I told you that she is a sweetheart! LOVE the pigtails, the morning glories, and the bright turquoise!
Last, but not least, is this one with the beautiful flowers! 
To top it all off, Christy made this beautiful card for me~in purple, of course!
So here is my collection, displayed on a shelf in my office. I really like the fact that they are all different shapes and sizes~just like real women. 
When I told you in my first koksehi post that the dolls share an honored spot with my autographed Red Sox balls (David Ortiz and Luis Tiant) and a brick from Fenway Park (where the Green Monster now stands), I wasn't kidding!

THANK YOU, Christy! You are a fabulous personal shopper!

Have a nice weekend!


Sparkle said...

So lovely! I love the whole collection. The one with the pigtails is my favorite!

Now that I have internet at home, my cyber life will hopefully go back to normal! I miss ya too and everything going on the in the forum.

I'm a bit more settled now, so I'm happy to have life be a bit normal. I'm commuting a much longer way now, so getting up earlier and getting home later has been a strain too. Nothing beats living less then 10 minutes away from where I work, lol. But I would trade the drive for the house any day.

I hope you have a great weekend my dear!

Christy Lynn said...

I'm glad I picked out some dolls tht you like!! They have that tall curvy purple one in several colors but I hunted around until I found the purple--and it was the last one at the store. I'm thinking maybe the little sign is the signature of the artist? I don't know for sure, next time I go to that store I'll ask. I've got to stalk that particular store anyway because I really, really want one of those teal ones with the morning glories. I just love her pigtails!! They had another one that size but she was pink, and I wanted to get you a variety of and pink seem to be the most-used colors on those.

There are some more unusual kokeshi dolls too, I saw a samurai one and I've seen Santa Claus too. There's one in a straw hat that looks like the children's book character Madeleine, and I've seen some that are praying. I even saw a pair that I think were Mary and Joseph. There are some that hold toothpicks, some that are piggy banks, and some where the face part rotates and she's got three different expressions.

I'm hoping to go see lots more kokeshi dolls today, Amber and I are going to a bazaar :) Enjoy your new collection Vicki, I had tons of fun picking them out for you!!

Lori said...

They are so cute. You lucky girl.