Thursday, March 5, 2009

Our Little Princess

Let me just say that Disney has a genius marketing team. Before Emma was even two, she could name all of the princesses and knows their songs! Her favorite princess is Cinderella. That's who she thinks she is (her mommy is Pochahontas and I am Ariel, just for the record~it all has to do with hair color). Emma's favorite cousin, Lexi (along with my brother Bill, SIL Lori, and niece Jenny) sent Emma her very own Cinderella costume. One peek inside the box and she immediately knew what it was! She was positively giddy and could barely stand still long enough for Brittany to dress her.
It was nearly impossible to get photos of her~she was so busy running around singing! I kept asking her to stop so I could get a photo. You can tell by the look on her face that she was annoyed with me. I am pretty sure she was thinking, "Hello! I'm a Princess! I don't need to stand still if I don't want to!" LOL
Now she wants me to dress up like Ariel. That seashell bra is so NOT going to happen!


Jenn said...

How sweet!!! She is too cute in her princess outfit! :D

Jamie Hurley said...

I think she looks alot like you in these pictures.....?
She is simply a gem.

Lori said...

A princess with an ATTTITUDE. Notice the capitalized letters? LOL. She is just tooooooo adorable. And speaking of adorable, you must get the seashell bra and pose for a picture. LOL.

Christi said...

How sweet!!!!!