Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Special Cyber Friend and Not-So-Cyber Dolls

Okay, so people (and by "people" I mean my kids) are quite amused that I have "cyber" friends as they call them: friends all over the world that I have never met. In my defense, I have met some of the sweetest, kindest, friendliest women through Splitcoastsampers. And yes, I have become good friends with a few of them. And yes, they are real people. And yes, we have real relationships. And yes, the fact that they haven't actually met me may be working in my favor. And no, I don't hear cyber voices. LOL

One of these friends~Christy~lives on Okinawa, one of the Japanese islands. Her pot-of-gold husband is in the USAF. My dad served in the USAF (though it wasn't called that yet) during WWII and the Korean War. Whenever he was on leave, he would visit Tokyo or Osaka. When I realized where Christy lives and about her ties to the USAF, I was immediately drawn to her. So began our friendship. 

I quickly became addicted to Christy's blog. (You can see her blog here.) She always posts the most beautiful pictures of her adventures on Okinawa. One of her passions is collecting kokeshi dolls. Well, I fell totally heads-over-heels in love with them when I saw her photos! They are just so sweet and charming and make me think of my dad. When Christy posted a card or two that she had made with kokeshi doll stamps, I was totally hooked! So imagine my delight (complete with little girl squeals and jumps and clapping hands) when I opened this box from her! (Yes, she knows how much I love to ice skate~isn't the card she made for me just perfect?)
Not only did Christy stamp some images for me, but she sent me TWO kokeshi dolls! I am still squealing! Aren't they just the prettiest things you've ever seen? I'm talkin' the cat's pajamas!
My new dolls are in a treasured place in my office, right next to my baseballs autographed by David Otrtiz and Luis Tiant (Red Sox players). If you know how much I love the Red Sox, you'll understand what a place of honor this is!

Once the dolls were situated, I wasted no time making a card with some of the stamped images. The sentiment says, "Forever Friends." (The Paper is SU's Haiku.) 
So, yes~my "cyber" friends are real, and they are awesome. Thank you, Christy~you REALLY made my heart smile! I truly enjoy and treasure your friendship. And I think you've started a new addiction for me. LOL the author in me is thinking that I could turn these dolls into a children's book...


Christy Lynn said...

I sent my mom a link to your blog and the first thing she did was comment on how you're a grandma and she's not, and she's older than you are. Up to now she's been really good with not dropping anvil-sized baby hints but I've noticed she's talking about it more and more lately :p

SO glad you were excited about your dolls. That little keychain was the only one I could find that had purple on it, I guess it's just not a "traditional" color for kokeshi dolls. I'm going to have to get myself one like the full-size one I gave you though, I think she's pretty. I just wait till I have enough yen in coins and go treat myself to one every couple of months ;) They're not terribly expensive so I plan to have quite the collection by the time we leave Okinawa!

Lori said...

Oh. They are so cute. How sweet of Christy to send them to you. Love your card. It is just adorable.

Sparkle said...

What a great gift! They're so pretty! And I love your card that you made. Love the glitter as always! :)