Friday, March 20, 2009

It's My Baby's Birthday!

Happy birthday, Keaton! Yes, today is my baby's 19th birthday! Where has the time gone? Here, he was just four days old. How has he grown from this into a 6'2" man?
He is actually in CA enjoying his Spring break, so we celebrated last weekend. We went out for dinner and ordered some "Mile High Chocolate Cake." Seven layers of oh-my-word chocolate decadence with toasted marshmallows on top! Yum! Since we weren't doing a cake at home, I made him pose for the obligatory birthday-cake-photo.
Here's one of my favorite photos of the kids when they were little. Keaton was 9 months old, Brennan was 2 1/2, and Brittany was 6.
Here are my two handsome boys now.
And here is Keaton with Brittany and Emma.
Emma was so pleased with the "Finding Nemo" card she chose for Uncle Keaton!
Here's the birthday boy with his parents. Kind of a weird shot with my hand stuck on Rick's shoulder, I know~but it doesn't bend at the wrist and I had no where to hide it. Oops!
Happy birthday, Keaton! I hope you have an awesome day!

I love you...forever and for always...Mom


Hope Spencer said...

Happy Birthday, Keaton! Great pictures, Vicki!

Christi said...

What awesome pics Vicki! Happy Birthday Keaton!!!

Sparkle said...

Glad you guys had a fun celebration. That cake looks so yummy! :)

Lori said...

Happy Birthday Keaton. Hope you have a great time in CA. Such sweet pictures. Wish I had know you then.