Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Conquering My Glittery Fears

My dear friend, Hope, and I are both former 3rd grade teachers. We have jokingly reminisced about the fascination that 8-year-olds have with glitter. We've also not-so-fondly reminisced about the amazing properties of glitter~how it needs glue to stick to paper but can somehow cling to everything else within a five-mile radius; how it actually becomes one with the carpet fibers, refusing to separate even after ten rounds of vacuuming; and how it manages to stick in your eyes, hair, eyebrows, nostrils, etc, even after you have showered for days. LOL Our students LOVED glitter. Mine begged to use it every time we made any type of art project. It was a huge mess, but of course I always said yes.

I have been on the glitter wagon since I quit teaching 6 years ago. Since I began making cards a year ago, I have been using Stickles simply because they aren't messy. I have looked at glitter several times because I always like what other stampers do with it. To be honest, I have been chicken to try it myself. I have very limited use of my right (dominant) hand, and I usually make a mess doing the simplest things. Adding glitter to the equation just didn't seem like a good idea. I like my dining room (aka craft room) the way it is. Technicolor sparkles clinging to my walls and floor just aren't the artistic nuances I have in mind for that room.

Well, Hope knows how much I love to add bling to my cards, and she knows that purple is my favorite color. She told me that when she saw a bottle of purple glitter, it was a "no brainer" to get it for me. Bless her heart~she surprised me with a lovely rainbow of glitter! Now, I couldn't let my dear friend see me be a glitter chicken. So I stepped up to the plate and made my first attempt to use glitter on a card. I started with the purple, of course! It looked so pretty that I decided to add some gold.
The flower is also from Hope. I've got to find out where she got it. It's so cool! I used a Build-A-Brad (from SU) to make the flower center from the DP. 

So there you have it~my first glitter card! Surprisingly, my dining room is glitter-free. I must admit that I finally discovered why 8-year-olds like it so much: it's pretty and glittah is wicked fun to use (that's how I am supposed to say it here in Boston)! It made feel like I was 8 years old. Anything that makes this old grandma feel young again is a good thing, so expect to see glitter on many cards to come. Thank you again, Hope! 


Laurel said...

Congrats on using the glitter! Your card is so cute! I look forward to more glitteryness!

BTW, my class loved your book, thank you for it!

Hope Spencer said...

Ah! Such fun, Vicky! You know I had to send it to you because I'm terrified of the stuff...LOL! You did a beautiful job, wow!

I think there's a difference in this new micro-fine glitter. I hope so, I did buy one tube for myself. Maybe you'll inspire me to try it. We'll see! Happy day!

Sparkle said...

Her dress is so beautiful! I love the purple glitter! I just got my stamps on Monday...need to play with them. :)

Jenn said...

Wow!!! Loving all that sparkly! :) I also {heart} that paper...I need to get mine out to play! :)

Christy said...

Awww! Either you have been busy or I have been away too long. What a lot of lovely new posts (I am not commenting on them all LOL) and what cute sons you have. Emma is looking absolutely adorable too (as is her lovely grandmother)! :)

I so enjoyed seeing all the new stuff and learning new stuff about my friend (you can tell your kids that cyber friends are real LOL). :)
Have a lovely weekend!