Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Still Celebrating...

Do you remember what it was like to want your birthday to arrive? If they're this fun, then why not?!

Dave and Kristin, my brother and SIL, sent Emma this ladybug raincoat with matching rainboots. Emma keeps playing dress-up in them. Here she is waving "hi" to Great Uncle Dave and Great Aunt Kristin.
Brittany gave her the most adorable Ariel vanity table. Ariel appears in the mirror and speaks. Emma loves it! 
Here, she is combing her hair with Ariel's "dinglehopper," known to humans as a fork. 
Emma is still loving her cupcakes! There's only one left. She's going to be so disappointed when it's gone.
Here she is making her "silly" face. It's the same "silly" face she's been making since she was about 9 months old.

Here is a short video clip of Emma eating a cupcake. It's dark, but you can still see and hear her.

Have a nice day!


Janet said...

awwwwwwwwwww she is darling:)

Lori said...

Sooooo cute. Maybe we should start enjoying our birthdays that way...but eat the whole batch of cupcakes. LOL.

Sparkle said...

I love the coat! Glad she's still having a blast!