Monday, February 23, 2009

Emma's 2nd Birthday Party

Emma stood at the front door waiting to see her friends arrive.
Here are Brittany and Emma.
Here are Brittany, Emma, and Audrey. Brittany and Audrey have literally been friends since they were born! I've been friends with Audrey's dad, Mark, since we met in the 7th grade. 
Dave and Kristin, my brother and SIL, gave Emma this princess crown. I have a hard time convincing her to take it off for her nap!
When Emma opened this, she said, "Cute puppy!" He hasn't left her arms since.
Check out Emma's stylin' sunglasses!
Here are Keaton, Emma, and Brennan.
Brittany's friends, Kristin and Adam, gave Emma these fairy wings and a fairy wand. She wears these with her crown all day long!
Keaton's girlfriend, Tina, gave Emma this Elmo puppet. She loves it!
Emma LOVES cupcakes! She is going to be so sad when they are all gone!

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Lori said...

She looks so adorable in that little plaid dress. Looks like she had a very special birthday. Hope our present arrives soon.