Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Indy!

Yes, I am one of those dog people who celebrates her dogs' birthdays. My family is quite amused as I sing (and I use that term loosely) "Happy Birthday" to them. It's a lot more fun now with Emma here. When I told her it was Indy's birthday, she immediately said, "Indy need presents and cake!" So we went to the grocery store and I let her choose two toys for Indy. She chose two noisemakers, of course! We also got Elmo hats and cupcakes (the human kind) and some dog treats.

Emma was determined that Indy was going to wear an Elmo hat. Ahh, the innocence of a baby!
Yeah, the hat lasted about 2 seconds. But Emma enjoyed playing with the rest of them. In fact, she decided that they'd make nice shoes.
Emma was so excited to give Indy his presents! He is STILL squeaking them. I wonder how long those squeakers are going to last... 
Once they got hold of the toys (Indy is on the left, Wylie is on the right) , the dogs crawled under the table and refused to cooperate with my camera.
Emma sang "Happy Birthday" (even though the dogs were still under the table) and then announced, "Cupcakes!"
Emma's birthday is a few weeks away. If she was this excited over Indy's birthday, can you imagine how excited she'll be for hers?


Sparkle said...

How cute! Glad you had a great birthday party!

Lori said...

So adorable!!! Emma must have just love it and what a sweet mama you are to Indy.

Jenn said...

Too cute! Emma looks adorable in her birthday hat!

ChichiBoulie said...

Looks like a lot of fun was had by all!

Hope Spencer said...

Looks like great fun, Vicki!

I'm glad you liked the card. You're always welcome to use a sketch, of course! I think everyone would say that, I think people just like credit. But, as an author, you know that. :) Hope you've had a good day!


Courtney said...

Oh my goodness! It should be against the law to put such cuteness on your blog! You are one blessed grandma!

(and a couple of lucky dogs, too!)