Thursday, December 4, 2008

Santa Baby

On Thanksgiving, we watched the Macy's Christmas Parade. At the end, we pointed out Santa to Emma. Since then, she has been saying "Santa. Ho, ho, ho!" every time she sees Santa on anything. Today, Brittany and I took her to the mall for a photo with Santa. Before we left, I dressed her Bitty Baby in a special Christmas dress. When I showed her to Emma, she put her hands on her cheeks and said, "Oh, Baby!" (Yup. I'm a grandma~I bought a special dress for the DOLL to wear to see Santa!) All the way to the mall, Emma kept saying saying, "Go see Santa." She was very excited to see him...until it was time to sit with him. Then she wasn't so sure. Her favorite part was when Santa read to her. Of course, as soon as Brittany picked her up, she liked him again! She's standing here as I post this, and she is giddy over seeing Santa! Guess he's not too scary on a computer screen. 

They let me take photos as long as I bought one of theirs. Here are a few that I took. First, here's one from last year. She was so tiny! She was 9 months old.
Here are some from this year. Emma is 21 months olds.

Here are two old photos. This one is of Brittany's 2nd Christmas. She was 16 months old. You can see that she was NOT happy! She took the cookies Santa gave her and then cried anyway. She just saw this photo and said she was probably crying because of the horrible tights I made her wear. LOL
And here is my first photo with Santa. I was 3. The three of us definitely look alike!


Jamie said...

Wow Vicky those pictures are fantastic!! Emma is so adorable with her little doll. I remeber as a kid going to a special breakfast that Santa would come to, I wish I still had my pictures. Hopefully my kids will appreciate all the scrapping I do for them later in life haha.

Lori said...

Oh. These pictures are so sweet. And, why didn't YOU convince me to buy Bitty Baby a Christmas dress???
Just kidding. I love the pictures of you and Brittany. And, the tights...yup. I would cry to. LOL.

Doll Clothes Gal said...

What a great blog post. I just love the pictures.

Janet said...

how cute!! i wish i had pictures of me with santa!! (my parents weren't picture takers! grrr)