Friday, December 19, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, LET IT SNOW!

We had 3" of snow on Wednesday. We are supposed to get 12" in six hours today. Now THAT'S a snowstorm! We are supposed to get 3 more inches on Saturday, another 3 on Sunday, and another 3 on Monday, with more on Christmas Day. 

Yup, I'm crazy~but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the snow! I love it's shimmery silence and how it floats like a whisper from heaven past my office window. I love to make snow angels. I love to skate on frozen ponds surrounded by snow. I love the iciles hanging from my roof. I love that the colors of the deer and red fox that wander through my yard look so vibrant against the glistening white blanket. I love how the snow caresses the frozen tree branches. I love how my breath twirls like an icy veil in the cold night air. I just love everything about it! So bring it on!

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Christi said...

Living in Texas my whole life I've never seen real "snow". I hate the cold weather but if the weather is going to be cold I want some snow! I Hope one day I can see real snow.