Sunday, December 28, 2008

Decorating Christmas Cookies

Digital cameras are a wonderful thing...except for the fact that they enable you to take a kazillion photos! I took 200 photos of Christmas...yup, 200! My kids joke that 199 of them are of Emma. Not true! 100, maybe~~but not 199! Besides, isn't that my job as a grandma? Anyway, now I need to sort through them all, correct red eyes, crop them, etc. That's not a small task! I will post a few of my favorites here as I work my way through them.

A few days before Christmas, Emma and her BFF, Lela, decorated Christmas cookies. Lela is 5 and is quite good at this. For Emma, is was all about tasting everything! I think she ate more than she decorated! By the time they were done, you could see every frosting color on Emma's face. 


Lori said...

Trust me. She knows what she's doing.I would be doing the same thing.LOL

Tiddly Inks said...

Smart girl! Go for the sweet stuff! LOL She is just adorable.