Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend in NY

We had a fun trip to NYC! We drove there on Friday night and returned Sunday night. We toured Sagamore Hill, which is Teddy Roosevelt's house. It was very interesting. If you're ever on Long Island, go see it! Here are a few pix of the outside (no photos allowed inside).

Can you read the sign? It says, "Place butts here." LOL

Emma signed the guest book!

Rachel and Emma had a tea party, did their hair, and played "dress-up!"

We also visited with our niece and her husband, Melinda and Ziad. Rachel and Zack are also in the photo.

On Sunday, we went to Rachel's cheerleading competition. I had no idea that it was such a huge deal for 8-year-olds! Emma entertained herself by putting stickers on Papa's head and saying, "Ta-da!" to her Mama.

Rachels' squad won 2nd for Dance and 1st for cheer! Congrats, Rachel! This is Joan and Rachel.

Brittany and Rachel are cousins, which makes Emma and Rachel second cousins, I think... TFL!


Christi said...

What awesome pics! It sure looks like you guys had fun!

Christy Lynn said...

When my parents visited us in Okinawa, my mom kept taking butt shots of the rest of us till I refused to let her walk behind me anymore! LOL! Gorgeous fall two weeks here are almost done and I never did take any leaf pictures around Washington!

Chrissy D said...

This looks like you had a great time! You can come over anytime and watch. I would probably drive you nuts though because my 4 children interupt and come talk to me constantly through out the creative process. LOL I would love for you to come! Thank you for your encouraging words!!!

Lori said...

Love the Butt Shot. Way too funny.

Angie Williams said...

Awesome trip pics! I would love to get away somewhere even for a weekend...:(