Sunday, November 23, 2008

Two More Layouts

Well, I am half-way to having a dining room again. I think I like it better as a scrapbooking/stamping room!

Here are a few more layouts. The photos are rather dark, but you'll get the idea. These are just some miscellaneous fall photos. On the first page, we were watching the Red Sox playoff games. It's no secret that I am a HUGE Red Sox fan. I was wearing my Curt Schilling jersey, and Emma wore her Curt Schilling t-shirt. I taught her to pump her fists and say, "Go, Sox!" She walked by the oven, saw her reflection in the door, and kissed it! Don't worry~that was quickly followed by a lesson on "Don't EVER touch the oven!"

These are of the pumpkin patch. I'm 46 and a grandma, but I still love to go to the pumpkin patch!

That's it for today. TFL!


Jamie Hurley said...

Love them all! I need to sit and scrap.

Lori said...

Very cute layouts. Have fun with the dining room. LOL. I'm doing the same.