Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Few Scrapbook Layouts

I have been BUSY catching up on my scrapbooking! Yet somehow I am still sooooo far behind. I am making a lot of quick and easy layouts. These are all 2-page spreads. For each pair, the top photo goes on the left, the bottom goes on the right. Sorry for the dark photos~it's overcast and dark in the house today.

These photos were taken in June at a local farm. It was one of our favorite hang-out spots during the summer.
The paper is Western Sky by SU.

In July, I took Emma to a local children's museum. She loved it! 
The paper is Whoops-a-Daisy by CTMH.

Emma absolutely adores her uncles. She calls Keaton "Kiki" and calls Brennan "Yuckle" for Uncle. In August, Brittany, Keaton, and Emma spent the day at a local zoo for endangered animals. As you can see, Emma's favorite part was her first taste of cotton candy!
The paper is Perfect Day by CTMH.

I'll have more to post tomorrow. TFL!


Sparkle said...

These are darling pictures of Emma! Love the layouts.

Christy Lynn said...

Cute layouts, Vicki! I'm a "Kiki" too, only it sounds like kick-ee the way my family says it...that's what my little brother used to call me because he couldn't say Christy, the same way you got Giffy. He and my parents *still* call me that!

Courtney said...

Oh my! These are adorable! I love the layouts!

I have totally given up on scrapbooking. *sigh*

Lori said...

Love your layouts. The paper is perfect.