Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Few More Layouts...

Here are a few more layouts. BTW: these are all from Emma's album. My kids' albums (I do one for each kid) are current through 2006. My Christmas album, Vicki and Rick album (yes, we NEEDED our own sweetheart album!), my vacation album, my extended family album (nieces and nephews, their weddings, etc.), and my dog album (they're my babies, so they deserve one, too!) are all current through 2004. So I have a LOT of catching up to do! The exception is Emma. Hers, of course, is current. She's only 21 months old, and I already have two full albums of her! We all know how much fun it is to make little kid pages, right? Well, that, and being a grandma ROCKS, and every little thing she does is the cutest EVER so I take a kazillion pictures. Anyway, here are a few more pages from her album. Once again, the layouts are pretty plain and simple in the interest of getting them done! I'll photograph and post the rest later today or tomorrow.

These photos are just odds and ends. You know I am a die-hard Red Sox fan, so of course I love the little Red Sox cheerleader photos! And, as usual, Emma was loving on her Papa. 
The paper is Maine Blueberry by SU.

The rest of these photos were taken on our trip to CA in August. We called it "Emma's Meet & Greet West Coast Tour" because she met most of her relatives for the first time. Emma is the first great-grandchild in both my family and in Rick's. So, of course, everyone is ga-ga over Emma. 
All of these layouts were done with Boom-Di-Ada from CTMH.
First up was a gathering with Rick's mom, her husband and her sister, and one of Rick's brothers, his wife, and his son. That last photo was taken with his family in northern CA. Two of his sisters live there, and the third one was visiting. Rick's family has a wide age gap in the grand-kids. There's a group of 8 between 18 and 28. Then there's a group of 5 between 4 and 10. Then's there's Emma, the first great-grandchild, who is 21 months. That's a LOT of cousins from 21 months-28 years!

Next, we visited my mom, who lives about 20 minutes away from Rick's mom. My youngest brother was there with his wife and two girls. Great Uncle Mark kinda scared Emma! My mom treated Emma to her first carousel ride. And we met up with my dear friend, Lesly (not pictured~it turned out fuzzy), and her daughter, Holly, who was one of Brittany's BFFs growing up. Brittany and Holly would always play "teacher" (I would take them to the teacher supply store and buy them tons of stuff). They both grew up to be teachers: Brittany teaches high school US History, and Holly teaches 2nd grade.

Then we headed to nothern CA to visit Rick's sisters and my brother, Bill. Most of you know Lori (scrapinglori). She is married to Bill. Her kids are the same ages as mine, and she has a grand-daughter, too. Lexi and Emma hit it off right away and were inseparable! Brittany and Jenny were, too. Most of the pix are of them. The rest will go in our vacation album. 

That's it for now. TFL and Happy Thursday!


Laurel said...

Wow you have some fabulous pages here!

Lori said...

These layouts are just adorable. Finally, I get to see your work!!! Love it.

Courtney said...

Oh these Odds and Ends pics are just GORGEOUS with these layouts!