Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Your Melody

Sound asleep, before daybreak
Familiar stirrings once again
Suddenly I'm wide awake
As reverential tunes begin
There words of mine cannot wait
I must reveal what stirs within
You are touching me, moving my heart to sing
May I be Your melody...

With each line my spirit molds
Throughout the chorus of the day
With each measure truth unfolds
As my heart Your fingers play
Your notes resound in my soul
Each one takes my breath away
You are composing me, moving my life to sing
May I be Your melody...

My fingers dance across this keyboard
My notes are words on pages white
I close my eyes and lose myself in reverie...

Wrapped up in these melodies
Since You marked me as Your own
Someday I'll be the harmony
For angels singing 'round your throne
Keep making music out of me
Until You finally play me home
I am Your instrument, play Your symphony in me
May I be Your melody...

May I always be
a holy melody...

(Written by Vicki Burns. Copyright © 2006 -2008 by BibleShareware.org, Inc. All rights reserved.)

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Lori said...

That is so beautiful. Love it.