Monday, September 15, 2008

Fun Florida Fling!

We spent the weekend in Tampa, Florida for our niece's wedding. We thought we'd "rough it" and not bring any laptops. Rick and I both have cell phones with media service, so we thought we'd be fine. Well, we had full phone service, but the cellular media service was too slow to use the internet on our phones! Maybe it was a blessing in disguise~we weren't constantly playing on our phones!

We stayed in Treasure Island, at a hotel right on the beach. Emma LOVES the beach and the pool. We spent a lot of time playing! She still LOVES the hat that her Great Aunt Kristin bought for her last summer on Martha's Vineyard. 

Jennifer's wedding was lovely! She was such a beautiful bride, and her husband, Joel, is a sweetheart! The wedding and reception were both beautiful. My SIL, Merlynn, made all of the flower arrangements, the colored tablecloths, the tulle swags, and proabably many more things that I can't remember. Welcome to the family, Joel~we love you already!

We had a wonderful time! Emma enjoyed herself, too~lots of dancing and good food. She even made her own little veil from the table mint holders!

On Sunday, we hung around the pool with Rick's family until it was time to fly home.

Jennifer and Joel are enjoying their 3-week honeymoon in Roatan. We can't wait to hear all about it!

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