Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Cutest Little Red Sox Fan EVER!

Most of you know that I am a HUGE Red Sox fan! I try to watch every game. One of my favorite players is Curt Schilling, even though he has been on the DL for the entire season. Yes, I have a Schilling jersey~complete with #38 and his name! So, as you may have guessed, Emma is well equipped with Red Sox gear. On Tuesday night, the Sox clinched a berth in the play-offs. For yesterday's game, Emma wore her Schilling shirt to celebrate! Okay, the shirt is totally cool~but check out her little ponytails!

This is the exact face I make when the Sox lose! How did she know that? LOL

I taught her to make fists, pump her arms, and say "Go, Sox!" She doesn't haven't the "Sox" down quite right, but we're working on it. Check out her Elmo slippers. She wants to wear them 24/7!

Even Emma thought she looked adorable! She walked by the oven, saw her reflection, and kissed herself. Don't worry~the oven was off, and we quickly told her "No, Emma~hot!"

Yeah...I just love living in Emma-land!


Lori said...

Way too cute!!!! I wish we could look so good walking around in a tee shirt and Elmo Slippers. Yikes. That's a scary site. LOL.

Chrissy D said...

Your girls are beautiful! They do the darndest things - sometimes for is scary to see my kids act like me! LOL Don't you think God did that on purpose? HE is so smart to do that. Those little mirror images really help tweak my character for the better, I hope! :)