Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Canvasses of Poetry and Prose

Okay...so some friends are bugging me to post some things on my blog in addition to my card-making and family photos. As a hobby~and as part of my work for the Bible curriculum I write for Bibleshare.org~I write lyrics. I have won a few honorable mentions for them in contests, and have always loved the idea of being a real lyrics writer. But I haven't pursued it much, primarily because I have felt called to write the curriculum first, and my life-long dream was to become a children's author, which I finally am! So that's where my work time goes. Maybe someday I'll chase the lyrics thing a bit more. At any rate, I guess I'll post some of them for those few people that actually want to read them. If you're not one of them, then scroll right on by! 

So all of the lyrics/poetry that I write are collected in a work I call Canvasses of Poetry and Prose. Since I spend all of my work time writing, that seemed like an appropriate title. Keep an eye out~I'll post things from this work every once in awhile.

Happy, happy Tuesday!

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