Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Emma's West Coast Meet & Greet Tour

Most of our family is in CA, and many of them had not yet met Emma. So we tagged along on Rick's business trip and had lots of fun!

First, Brittany gave Emma her first ponytails! How cute are these?!

Then it was off to see Great Grandma Burns, Great Grandpa Jim, and Great-Great Aunt Joan. (They've all seen Emma, so this was a fun reunion!)

Uncle Jim, Aunt Merlynn, and Joshua were there, too. 

Next, we went to Great Grandma Scott's house. She saw Emma last October.
 Emma loves to smell flowers.

Emma met my brother and his family for the first time. 
Nicole, Great Grandma Scott, Giffy, Ashleigh, Megan, Emma, Brittany

Here's my little brother, Mark!

Then we met my girlfriend, Lesly, and her daughter, Holly. Lesly has met Emma before, but Holly hadn't. When Brittany and Holly were in elementary school, I would take them to the local teacher's supply store and let them choose some fun things. Then they'd have sleep-overs and pretend to teach their classroom full of dolls and stuffed animals. 
They both became teachers!

After 5 fun days in southern CA, we flew to northern CA. We have a lot of family there. 
The first stop was to see my brother, Bill. His grand-daughter, Lexi, in 3 1/2. 
She and Emma quickly became best friends!

After playing at the park, we ate at Bill and Lori's favorite Mexican restaurant. YUM! 
Here I am with Lori, my dear SIL. 

Brittany had so much fun with her cousin Jenny, Bill and Lori's daughter. Brittany and Jenny took their girls to the Oakland Zoo. 
Emma's favorite thing to do was to hold Lexi's hand in the car!

Lori and I are both scrapbooking and card-making maniacs! Lexi enjoys it, too.
Here, Lexi and Emma are making their own "lay-outs."

My sister, Diane, and her sweet husband, Chet, came over to meet Emma. 
L-R: Brittany, Emma, Bill, Lexi, Diane, and Jenny.

Here I am with Bill and Diane.

Then we visited with Rick's three sisters. Here are Brittany and Emma with Rachel and Zack.

In this photo, Rachel is reading my book to Xander. 

Front L-R: Quinn (Mary's son), Rachel (Joan's daughter), Xander (Mary's son)
Back L-R: Zack (Joan's son), Jessica (Barbara's daughter), Brittany, and Emma

We enjoyed one last visit with Lori and Jenny. The four of us enjoyed pedicures while Bill and Rick watched Lexi and Emma. They are such good Papas!

A bit more play time for Lexi and Emma...

The next morning, Emma was pooped!

It was a GREAT trip! And who needs toys? Here's Emma having a delightful time with a plastic cup!


Lori said...

I love the pictures. So sad to see you leave. Come back again soon. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you did alot on your trip! I love the pic of you and Lori...and you gals match! Glad you had a great time!