Tuesday, May 13, 2008

From There to Here...

We were high school sweethearts.
This is our 1980 prom picture. 

   We married in August, 1983.

Brittany was born in August, 1984.
Here, she was one week old.

Kyle was born in March, 1987. 
When he was 3 days old, he died and went home to be with the Lord. 
What a blessed reunion that will be! 

Brennan was born in July, 1988. This is one of our favorite photos of him as a baby. He was four months old; Brittany was four years old.

      Keaton was born in March, 1990.
    This photo was from his dedication. 
            He was five months old.

           10th Anniversary
20th Anniversary

We became grandparents!
Emma Grace (Brittany's daughter)
February 23, 2007

   Here we are today. 


Wylie and Indy, our Shih Tzus. Here are their puppy pictures... 


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Lori said...

Oh Vicki. It's beautiful!!! I am sitting here all teary eyed. Not good for at work. You have done a beautiful job. I just love those pictures. Hugs,