Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Zamboni's Goal

Would you like to see a sneak peek? Here's the cover of Zamboni's Goal, due out this quarter!

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Ok, my goal was to keep posting in chronological order, but since I'm way behind I decided just to go with what is totally occupying me at the moment: my horse, Ringo! I ride 5-6 times per week. Back in October, I shared my first few photos of him. In early November, I had some professional photos taken. I bought my top five, though it's hard to choose a favorite among these. So here you go~you decide!
Since I bought Ringo, I've learned to canter. I LOVE to canter! 
Off I go to the stable to ride. Have an awesome Saturday!

Monday, November 17, 2014

A Few Updates

Just popping in to let you know that there are a few new posts on my Devotions page which you can find here.

In addition, I redesigned by Bible study website

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

August was B U S Y

Here's a quick recap of August. Lots of photos, very little blabbering. :)

We had yet another fabulous family party at my little bro's house. Here are Emma and Camryn, Mark's daughter. 
Mark even got our mom to dance! are my mom and Miss Emma.
The next night, we celebrated Brittany's 30th birthday. Here I am with my beautiful mama and handsome brothers, Mark and Dave.
This is Dave's wife, Kristin, with Emma and Camryn.
Back row: my mom, Nicole (Mark's wife), Dave, me, Trenton and Marah (Dave's son and his fiance), Brittany, Rick, and Kristin (Dave's wife)
Front row: Ashton (Mark's son), Mark, Emma, and Camryn (Mark's daughter)
My beautiful birthday girl and her beautiful girl.
I had time to meet up with two of my besties. This is Lesly
and this is Martha.
We share our anniversary date with Rick's mom and her husband, Anne and Jim. So off we went to Duke's in Malibu for a yummy dinner.
Up next was Jessica's rehearsal dinner. (Jessica is the daughter of Rick's oldest sister, Barbara.) The men on the ends are Jessica's brothers, Aaron and David. That's Pete, Jessica's then fiance, in the middle.
Here's a small family photo that Emma took.
Then she requested one with silly faces, LOL!
Jessica's wedding was the next day. We finally got a nice family portrait. From left to right: Brittany, Brennan, me, Emma, Rick, Keaton, and Tina.
The bride and groom, Jessica and Pete.
I love this photo of Rick's mom looking at Jessica. So sweet!
I also love this one of Emma and Rick's mom.
Every wedding guest was invited to fill out this mad lib for Jessica and Pete. I simply had to take a photo of Emma's. Too funny! (If you can't read her answers, click on the photo to enlarge it.)
My sweetheart and our babies.
Emma and Tina hit the dance floor.
There was a photo booth at the reception. We had so much fun in it! You'll have to click on these to see them. By the way, Pete's last name is Brown, so they used PB loves J on their wedding decor. Too cute!
After Jessica's wedding, my mama moved in with us. Yup, she left L.A. and came to MA. Saying goodbye to Mark's family was hard. Sniff. Sniff.
A week later, we threw a bridal tea and shower for Audrey, the daughter of our precious friends Mark and Cheri. (Mark and I have been friends for 30 years!) I made the  invitations, which was so fun!
I made 30, all in different shabby chic color schemes.
I was in photographer heaven, taking lots of artsy photos.
Here are my girls and my mama.
This is Audrey and her Aunt Rita, with whom I threw the shower.
Here I am with the exquisite bride-to-be.
Audrey and Brittany have literally been friends their entire lives.
Here I am with Rita and Cheri.
And, of course, Emma wanted goofy photos. :)
Every bride-to-be endures the same torture, LOL!
August ended with a birthday celebration for moi. We spent the afternoon in Boston. I was thrilled to take my mama on her first Swan Boat Ride in Boston's Public Garden.
Naturally, Miss Emma needed to feed the ducks.
I couldn't resist taking advantage of the beautiful photo op.
Whew. That's it for August. I'm tired just thinking about it all!